About us-FANCY


I remember so fondly every detail of the day my little ones came into this world. A day especially set aside to celebrate life and love in all its splendor! It's no doubt the favourite tale to tell of my heart's storybook and it's these magical moments that has inspired the creation of “Once Upon a Party”. It’s where it all began!

At Once Upon a Party, we’re about creating memories that sparkle, one party at a time! Each party is designed for uniqueness; after all, this is only fitting for your one of a kind birthday child. We offer everything you need to keep your little guests happy - from themed décor to fun entertainment, yummies for those little tummies and the wish list goes on. We will plan every detail for you, leaving you more time to enjoy the finer things in life, like “true love’s kiss”, ah indeed, there is no truer love than that between a parent and child, especially when you smother your little one with it on their birthdays! Go on, you know you want to!

And because every kid deserves a little sparkle in their lives, visit our “Party it Forward” page to find out how using our services helps to put a smile on the faces of children enduring cancer – they are no doubt some of the true heroes of the real world!

We invite you to browse through our website to put your little’s one’s perfect party in motion by picking the package that meets your wish list. We’re so excited to help you celebrate your child’s birthday in a magnificent way. Let’s work together, so that they too, can have their very own birthday tale to tell of their “Happily Ever After” party.